Using REST client for testing

To check if your installation of MifosX instance is working properly or not or for the changes you made, you can use a REST client for testing the installation/change properly. Here in this guide, we would be using one of the famous REST client Postman but you need not to necessarily use it, any REST client would do. We will be assuming few things beforehand:
URL: https://localhost/fineract-provider/api/v1/
Username: mifos
Password: password
Tenant ID: default
Note: You will get this configuration if you have followed all the steps given the MifosX installation guide, this is default configuration for the server.


  • Open up the Postman and you will see something like this:
Empty Postman
  • Enter URL: https://localhost/fineract-provider/api/v1/offices Request type would be GET (which is default).
  • In Authorization tab, select 'Basic Auth' and fill up username as mifos and password (default credentials).
Authorization Tab
  • Next up, we will edit Headers Tab. Fill 'Accept' in key section for the first header and 'application/json' in value section. Fill 'Fineract-Platform-TenantId' in key section for the second header and 'default' in value section. ('default' is default TenantId for a MifosX instance)
Header Tab
  • We're done, now just click on the 'Request' Button given near the URL text box. And voila! If your instance is running correctly, you would see Response Code as 200 and a valid json response. Here is sample response:
Sample Response

Steps for a POST request

You may also want to do a POST request and couldn't figure how to do it properly.
  • We'll keep headers and authorization tabs intact as they were in GET request above.
  • We'll select POST from the dropdown near URL text box and change the URL to https://localhost/fineract-provider/api/v1/staff.
It should look something like this
  • Now, go to 'Body' tab and fill up with this sample request.
"joiningDate":"02 March 2020",
"dateFormat":"dd MMMM yyyy"
Body for the POST request
  • Click on Send Button and done! If everything is fine, then you will see a response similar to this:
Sample Response for the POST Request
In case you want to test other API endpoints, checkout API docs here.