The Organization menu contains links to 17 (seventeen) pages. These pages are listed on the right side of this page. Each of these will help you set up and customize Mifos X as per your organization's needs.

When getting started with Mifos X, please refer to the Initial System Setup page.

Want to learn more about navigation in Mifos X? See the General Navigation section of this manual.

From the main screen, click on Admin, then click on Organization from the drop down list.

The Organizations page allows you to do several operations (refer to the screenshot below):

  • Offices can be created and modified

  • Holidays can be created and modified

  • Employee profiles and system access can be created and modified

  • Currency settings can be established

  • Loan Funds can be created (such as, Rotary Funds, donor funds - any funds the organization needs to track)

  • Bulk Loan Reassignments can be made

  • Standing Instructions History enables viewing of logged history of standing instructions.

  • Teller / Cashier Management enables managing Tellers/Cashiers - Cash allocation & settlement.

  • Fund Mapping enables the bulk entry screen for mapping fund sources to loans.

  • Working Days can be defined here.

  • Password preferences can be set for enforcing the usage of stronger password.

  • Payment type can be managed here, i.e creating & modifying.

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