Initial System Set Up

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This section assumes that the Mifos Community App has been successfully downloaded and installed. The Mifos X log in page will appear. This page contains the current version of Mifos X, very helpful links to this User Manual, Functional Specifications, the most frequently asked questions, upcoming news and very helpful links to the community. Take a few minutes and discover the Mifos X community.

Before beginning, take a quick overview of General Navigation. This will introduce you to Mifos X and will be helpful in system setup.

Once that is accomplished, the next step is to customize Mifos X for your organization’s needs and approach. This can be done using drop-down menus found along the top of the home screen.

After completing and having your Pre Configuration Plan.docx at hand, follow these steps for first time log-in:

Tip: Need help downloading and/or installing the Mifos Community App? Please see the Mifos X Installation on Windows or Mifos X Installation on Linux - Ubuntu Server section of this manual for more information.

1) Log-in into Mifos X:

Sign in Page

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