Currency Configuration

For more information, check out the Currency Configuration YouTube Video.

As many of the operations within Mifos X take place on an international scale, a variety of currencies may be used. This section allows an organization to define what currencies will be used throughout their interactions within the Mifos X system.

From the Welcome Page, click on the Admin button on the top menu bar, then click on Organization from the drop down list. This will launch the Organization menu.

Select Currency Configuration.

Add or Edit Currencies

Follow the steps below to add or delete currencies from your organization's Mifos X profile. Chosen currencies will be displayed along with their currency code.

  • Click the blue Add/Edit button at the top-right of the screen.

  • This will display a list of all currencies currently in use. Click the blue 'x' at the right of a currency to remove it from your organization's selected currencies.

  • Type the name of the currency you would like to add into the New Currency field. Mifos X will automatically filter matches as you type.

  • Click on the blue '+' to the right of the field to add the selected currency.

  • Click Submit to commit your changes.

Youtube video:

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