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This manual provides instructions and information on Mifos X Platform. You can skip to any topic using the sidebar navigation panels, related articles at the end of the page, or hypertext links within the current topic.

The Mifos X Platform User Manual comprises three user guides:

  1. For All Users Information about logging in and out, navigating, and generating reports in Mifos X.

  2. For Administrators (Mifos X Platform) Information for Mifos X administrators about setting up and configuring Mifos X for the specific needs of your organization.

  3. For Operational Users (Mifos X Community App) Information for day-to-day use for creating and managing account entries, transactions, and account products in Mifos X.

Structure of the Manual

The structure of the Mifos X user guides is as follows:

Symbols Used in this Manual

The following symbols are used in this manual:

This symbols indicates an error message.

This symbol indicates information about the related operation.

This symbol indicates information that helps the user apply the procedure or information that suggests an alternative method to perform the task.

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in this Manual

Terms Used in this Manual

Where to Find Additional Help

If you have questions or need help, you can browse questions and answers on Mifos Connect, or ask your own question.

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