Form Page

The Form Page layout is used to fill in the field values related to a single occurrence of a type of information in the Mifos X platform. The Form Page is used when creating or editing information.

The grey bar under the Mifos menu bar provides context for the form fields displayed under it.

The remainder of a form page displays labels and fields, action buttons, and (optionally) links to additional information.

Labels are static and are paired with a field, or are used as headers to tie together a group of related fields.

The type of data that can be entered into a field determines the appearance of the field on the form:

  • List fields display a single down arrow or a pair of up/down arrows on the right side of the field. When you click a list field, a list of available and allowable values pop-up. To select the desired value, click on it.

  • Date fields and free form entry fields appear the same on a form page. However, when a date field gets focus (by tabbing or clicking on it), a calendar will pop up. Navigate the calendar pop-up to select the correct date value.

  • Free form entry fields are used to fill in values using a combination of letters and numbers. Some fields, however, are restricted to numbers only. If letters are typed into a number-only field, an error will be displayed after the Submit button is clicked.

  • Check boxes are small square boxes. Check boxes are either turned on (checked) or off (not checked). When you tab on a check box, its border will turn blue indicating that it has focus. If a check box is unchecked, clicking on it or pressing the space bar (when it has focus) will turn it on. If a check box is checked, clicking on it or pressing the space bar (when it has focus) will turn it off.

Fields that are mandatory must have a value in them in order to save the form. These are indicated by a red "*" (asterisk) beside their labels.

Like other page formats, forms use a bright blue color to indicate actions. Form pages usually have at least a bright blue Submit action button. To save the information entered into a form, click the Submit action button. The grey (or sometimes orange) Cancel button exits the form without committing any changes.

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