Standard Reports Shipped in Mifos X

In Mifos X, all the data being generated while handling Loan Accounts, Saving Accounts, Clients, Accounting, Funds etc can be viewed through the Reports tab. The most commonly used reports are shipped with the Mifos X download. Other reports are available as part of our Mifos Business Intelligence Suite built on Pentaho, a free open-source business intelligence application.

The Standard Reports in MifosX are generally categorized into six groups:

  1. Clients

  2. Loans

  3. Savings

  4. Funds

  5. Accounting

  6. XBRL

Running Standard Reports

  1. Click on 'Reports' tab and choose the type of report you want to generate.

2. Once you choose the type of report, the next window shows all the reports under that category (in this example, the Accounting type is selected):

3. Select the report you want to generate (in this example, Balance Sheet is selected):

4. As shown in the image above, the output type of reports can be selected from a drop-down menu. You can generate Reports in any one of the three formats, namely: i. Excel ii. PDF iii. CSV

5. Click on 'Run Report' to generate the report for viewing in the specified format.

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