Installing Data Import Tool

Installing Data Import Tool

Note:- Data Import Tool will work with Mifos X - version from 1.26 to 15.03.

1 - Required Software

1.1 - Download & Install Git hub

1.2 - Download & Install Git Bash from:

1.3 - Downloading Gradle (Compatible version is 2.6)


1.4 - Extracting downloaded Gradle to C:/

2 - Setting up environment variables for gradle

3 - Cloning URL


3.1 - Open git bash:

git clone

4 - Create file in home directory

>> Right click and open new text file then paste 4.1 content below in it, now click on save button>>Rename .txt file to

Tip: In folders and settings, make sure to enable folder extension.

4.1 - Update below provided details in the file:

mifos.endpoint=https://localhost:8443/mifosng-provider/api/v1/ mifos.password=password

Note: If you are using Multi-tenant, then endpoint should be the same but and respective credentials should be changed respectively.

Note: If the you are connecting to the demo server and want to use your tenant, for importing the data then it will be like this:-For example:- Tenant name is - xyzmfi, thenmifos.endpoint=<your username>mifos.password=<your password>

5 - Starting Data import tool

5.1 - Open Gitbash>> Go to:

cd DataImportTool

5.2 - Run:

gradle clean tomcatRunWar

5.3 - Once the server is started:

6 - Start Using - Data Import tool from web browser, by going to:


Note: Make sure Mifos X is running.

Also refer compatible software details:- Compatible Software

Reference Guide:

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