Bulk Loan Reassignment

The Bulk Loan Reassignment tool is a very useful tool that allows you to transfer all of one loan officer's accounts to another loan officer. This tool is very useful in circumstances where a loan officer might be leaving the company or going on an extended leave.

From the Home Page, click on the Admin button (in the top menu bar), then click on Organization from the drop down list that appears.

This will launch the Organization menu (as shown in the screenshot below).

Select Bulk Loan Reassignment.

This will display a page that allows you to transfer all accounts from one loan officer to another. The following page will be displayed:

Transfer Loans

Follow the steps below to transfer all loans assigned to a loan officer to a different loan officer. Please note that all are mandatory fields and loans can be reassigned to the loan officers from same office or different office.

  1. Select an Office from the drop-down list.

  2. Select an Assignment Date by clicking on its respective field. This will launch a calendar from which you may select a date for the reassignment to take place.

  3. Select the new loan officer from the To Loan Officer drop-down list.

  4. Click on Submit.

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