Manage Holidays

The ability to manage holidays for individual offices is a very useful tool for an organization spanning multiple locations. Use this option to customize holidays for each office of your organization.

From the Welcome Page, click on Admin, and click on Organization from the drop-down list that pops up. This will launch the Organization menu (as shown in the screenshot below).

From this menu, select Manage Holidays. This will display the following:

Add Holidays

This option allows you to create new holidays for each office in your organization.

2. Fill the required fields:

  1. Name

  2. From Date

  3. To Date

  4. Repayment Scheduling Type

  5. Repayment scheduled to

  6. Description (this is not a required field, but is still available. You may also Edit this holiday at another time to add a description or edit the current description).

3. Select the office(s) the holiday applies to by clicking on the small '+' icon beside Applicable Offices. This will open a list of offices for you to choose from. Check the boxes to mark the office(s) you would like to include.

4. Click Submit.

View Holidays

Once you have selected Manage Holidays, a chart of all holidays will be displayed. The following fields will be displayed:

  • Holiday Name

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Alternate working day

  • Status - Active or Deleted

Tip: Use the Filter by Name field to locate the holiday you are searching for. Begin typing the holiday name and Mifos X will automatically filter the results.

You may also filter holiday results by using the drop-down menu at the center of the Manage Holidays screen to select an office:

Edit/Delete Holiday

To Edit this holiday:

  1. Click on a holiday in the list to view more details:

2. Click on the blue Edit button at the top-right of the page. This will launch a page where you can change the name of the selected holiday. You may also add or change a description of the chosen holiday.

To Delete this holiday:

  1. Click the red Delete button at the top-right of the screen.

  2. Click Confirm.

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