Welcome Page

The Welcome Page is displayed when you sign in to Mifos X.

The Menu Bar displayed on the top of the Welcome Page is displayed on every page in the Mifos X platform. The menu bar includes:

  • Mifos logo Access the Welcome Page from anywhere in the Mifos X platform

  • Institution menu Access Clients, Groups, and Centers

  • Accounting menu Access the Accounting activities pages

  • Reports menu Access Clients, Loans, Savings, Funds, Accounting, and XBRL Reports

  • Admin menu Access the Administration menu

  • Search tool System-wide Search Tool—use the search tool to search for clients, groups, and centers

  • mifos menu Access to Help (redirects to the User Manual), Profile (your user profile, including an option to change your password), Settings (to change user language and date format), and Log Out button

The Dashboard toggle switches between this page (Welcome page) and the Dashboard page.

Your username will appear beside the word Welcome. If your username is not displayed, contact your administrator.

The activity search tool is a quick method to find and navigate to activities / pages in the Mifos X platform. For example, if you want to access an activity related to loans, type "loan" into the activity search field. Loan-related activities will be listed (i.e create loan product, loan products, bulk loan reassignment). You can then click on the desired loan activity. Similarly, you can access activities related to clients, savings products, groups, and more.

The navigation hints point out navigation methods that are available to you wherever you are in Mifos X, including:

  • Shortcut menu (sidebar)

  • Mifos menu bar

  • Search tool (located on the Mifos menu bar)

The Shortcut menu is a sidebar menu of your favorite / most frequently used Mifos X activities. You can configure the Shortcut sidebar to suit your work style. The Shortcut sidebar will pop out when you hover the mouse over the menu area. The Shortcut sidebar is available on every page in the Mifos X system.

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