Provisioning Entries

Provisioning Entries

From the main screen, click on Accounting. This will launch the Accounting menu as shown below, from the menu Select Provisioning entries.

Note: You should have created provisioning criteria and once a loan falls under arrears, provisioning entries will work.

Create Provisioning Entries

System generated - Once the provisioning criteria is created on the loan areas depending upon the criteria set, then provisioning entries will be created automatically. A scheduler job "Generate loan loss provisioning" will execute this process.

Creating Manually - Click on the blue Create provisioning entries button at the top-right of the screen.

Take note that this field is mandatory as it has an asterisk(*)

Complete the required fields:

a. Select Date.

b. Optional field - Check the check box for Create Journal Entries.

c. Click on Submit button.

View provisioning entry

Complete the required fields:

a. Created By - Provide details of created by .

b. Created On - Provide date of creation .

c. Journal Entry Created - Check box confirms journal entry created.

d. View Report - Click on view button to view report.

e. Recreate Provisioning - Click on recreate button to recreate provisioning.

f. View Journal Entries - Click on view button to view journal entries.

g. Click on Submit button.

View Journal entry

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