Navigation Tool

The Navigation Tool enables you to quickly navigate through Offices, Loan Officers, Centers, Groups and Clients within Mifos X. It provides a very efficient mechanism that allows you to quickly filter through and navigate to particular groups or clients under a specific office.

How To Use the Navigation Tool


  • Once you click on the Navigation panel, the following window appears. This window has buttons that allow you to navigate through offices, loan officers, center, groups and clients.

  • Click on 'Offices (Head Office)' to see the list of branch offices.

  • Here, click on any office (for example: Head Office) to see the list of loan officers.

  • In this example, there is one loan officer (Andere, Erick) under our selected branch office (Head Office). Click on the loan officer's name (Andere, Erick, in this example) to see the list of centers managed by them.

  • As shown in the screenshot below, there is one center which is managed by our selected loan officer (Andere, Erick). Click on any specific center to see the list of groups under that center.

  • You can now see that there are four groups and can also view the center activation date. Click on any group to see the list of clients under that group.

  • There are four clients under the group 123A. In order to see the overview of any particular client, click on the client's name.

  • In this example, the client 'Test Client' has been selected. The following is displayed: 1. Client's personal profile 2. List of loan accounts held by the client (and their overview) 3. List of savings accounts held by the client (and their overview)

  • If you click on the Client's name (Test Client, in this example), it redirects you to the client's profile.

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