How to Make a Deposit to a Recurring Term Deposit Account

To make a deposit to a recurring term deposit account

Locate the term deposit account by viewing the client that holds the saving account and clicking on the recurring term deposit account under Saving Account Overview.

  1. Select Deposit from the action bar.

  2. On the Deposit Money to Recurring Deposit Account form:

    a. Select Transaction date from the calendar pop-up. Valid dates range from the date the account was opened to the current date.

    b. Type the deposit Amount.

    c. Select Payment type id from the list.

    d. For payment types that have further details, click the + beside Show payment details and complete the relevant fields:

    i. Type Account#

    ii. Type Check#

    iii. Type Routing code#

    iv. Type Receipt#

    v. Type Bank#

    e. Click Submit.

The amount typed into the Amount field will be deposited into the recurring term deposit account.

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