How to Activate a Term Deposit Account

Once a term deposit account has been approved, it is ready to be activated (the term deposit account status is approved and the term deposit account color is blue).

Term deposit accounts can be activated by Mifos x users with term deposit account activation permissions.

Activating a term deposit account changes the status of the term deposit account from Approved to Active.

Term deposit account activation can not be undone.

To activate a term deposit account

To activate a term deposit account, select the client (needs link to how to find a client). Click the General tab. The client's term deposit accounts are listed in the Saving Account Overview section.

  1. Ensure that term deposit accounts that are not closed are displayed by clicking View Active Savings on the saving action bar. Pending activation term deposits will be indicated with a blue color swatch and Activated in the Status column.

  2. Click the term deposit account to be activated. The term deposit account form will open.

  3. Click Activate on the action bar. The Activate term deposit Account page will open.

  4. Accept the default date (today), or pick a date in the past from the pop-up calendar for Activated on.

  5. Click Submit.

The term deposit account will be modified and its status changed to Active. The term deposit account is now ready to be used.

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