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Individual collection sheet

This section describes the steps to record a repayment on an Individual loan account.
For repayments of client loan accounts see How to Make Repayments on a Client Loan Account.
Go to the left panel side bar and click on 'Individual Collection Sheet'.
The following window appears:-
Branch Office - Select desired office.
Repayment date - Select respective repayment date.
Staff - Select associated loan officer, if the loan officer is not associated you could skip this selection.
Then click on Collection sheet button.
The following window appears:-
All the individual expected repayment amounts are automatically shown in this sheet here.
As you can see in the screenshot above:-
  • Loan and charges due collection row. With respect to the loan account, total due is the expected loan repayment column and charge is the expected charge to be paid row.
  • In the row below, you can see the savings dues to collected columns.
You can also use add payment detail in case you want to capture additional payment details.