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Installing Data Import Tool

    I want to Install the Data Import Tool
The installation guide is available at this link: Installing Data Import Tool
Getting started with Data Import Tool

Introduction to Data Import Tool

What is Data Import Tool?
    Data Import Tool is a Microsoft Excel-based tool created to import data into the Mifos X platform.
    Using this tool, one can download Excel sheets, enter all the required information in the Excel sheet itself and upload it.
    One can enter multiple clients, groups and centers information in the Excel sheets downloaded as a separate sheet for each category.
    Similarly, one can enter information about multiple loan accounts and savings accounts given to the customers.
    If the Excel sheet is uploaded successfully, the updated information will be shown instantly on Mifos X.

Data Import Tool vs. Data Migration Tool

    Data Import Tool allows you to transfer data and perform load operations between a database and external files (like Microsoft Excel sheets).
    Importing data can be done in different file formats.
    Data Migration Tool allows users to transfer data from Mifos 2.x to Mifos X.
    Data Migration Tool uses ETL (Extract Transfer Load) for database operations.

What You Can’t Do Using Data Import Tool

    You can’t create offices and employees.
    You can’t define currencies and funds.
    You can’t create loan products, savings products, and their respective charges.
    You can’t create users and set them definite roles and permissions.
    Data table inputs cannot be captured.
    You cannot update client details.
    You cannot enter loans in partial state.
HOWEVER, the Data Import Tool allows you to perform all the operations listed above.

Then, why do we need the Data Import Tool?

    You can enter information about thousands of clients in a Microsoft Excel sheet, and once you upload it successfully, It is as good as creating thousands of clients in one-shot (saves time and improves efficiency).
    Similarly, you can assign loan accounts and saving accounts to thousands of clients at once.
    You can do repayments for loans and deposits, withdrawals for savings as bulk using Data Import Tool.
    You can approve loans and disburse with dates for a number of loans given to the clients.

Security aspects:

    Your Mifos X username and password mentioned in file can be seen by unauthorized users.
    You need to keep the file either hidden or password protected so that only authorized users can access the file.
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