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Payment type
For all kinds of payments, you can specify what forms of payment you will accept.
Beginning at the main screen, select Admin, then Organization from the drop down menu. This will launch the Organization menu.
Select Payment type to specify types of payment you will accept.
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This will launch the Payment Type page that displays a list of types of payments, their description, position and whether the payment is a cash payment or not.
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Adding a Payment Type

Click the
button at the top-right of the page. This will launch the Create Payment Type page:
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To create a payment type, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Payment type - Fill in an appropriate name of your choice. In the example below, Payment type is Mobile Money.
  2. 2.
    Description - Input the description of the mentioned payment type.
  3. 3.
    Is Cash payment?- Check the check box if the payment type is a Cash payment. In the example below, the box is left un-checked since the payment is not in cash.
  4. 4.
    Position - Provide the position number to list in the provided drop down menu.
  5. 5.
    Check your input and if complete, click the Submit button.
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Edit Payment Type

Click the Edit button at the right of the payment type you want to modify.
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This will launch the Edit Payment type page in which you can modify the details of the type of payment.
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When you are done modifying the payment type, click the Submit button.

Delete Payment Type

To delete a payment type, Click the
button at the extreme right of the payment type.
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