Individual collection sheet
This section describes the steps to record a repayment on an Individual loan account.
For repayments of client loan accounts see How to Make Repayments on a Client Loan Account.
Go to the left panel side bar and click on 'Individual Collection Sheet'.
The following window appears:-
Branch Office - Select desired office.
Repayment date - Select respective repayment date.
Staff - Select associated loan officer, if the loan officer is not associated you could skip this selection.
Then click on Collection sheet button.
The following window appears:-
All the individual expected repayment amounts are automatically shown in this sheet here.
As you can see in the screenshot above:-
    Loan and charges due collection row. With respect to the loan account, total due is the expected loan repayment column and charge is the expected charge to be paid row.
    In the row below, you can see the savings dues to collected columns.
You can also use add payment detail in case you want to capture additional payment details.
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